Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bub's Booties

One of my long time friends is pregnant with her third child and this time...It's A Girl!

Happiness is just a small bit of what I feel for her and her family. They are such amazing people and have been through many life times of hardship only to come out with deeper more loving connections with each other and the people that surround them.

Her and her sweetheart of 10 years were married this past Summer and will be expecting a baby girl this coming Summer.

For them I made these plush baby booties. Since the babe will be born at the height of Summer I made them for 12 months so that she can wear them during the cold season with socks.

They'll stretch as she grows so they can be used as babe's first inside shoes, maybe?

The yarn was a holiday gift from my youngest.

Peace, love, and baby booties!


Ani said...

Precious! Absolutely, beautifully precious. And soft and perfect. You are indeed the best friend anyone could ever want for.

Lara Katherine Mountain Colley said...

So sweet! "Peace, love and baby booties"! I love it!