Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oboster's Baby "Hoot"

Inspired by my youngest chalk pastel drawing of two baby owls hanging out on a tree limb.

He presented the drawing to his dad as "Hoot and Hoot" with a huge smile on his face and glowing brown eyes.

It is these precious moments that us parents try to hold on to. These memories that in the moment you want to physically grasp and place into your heart forever.

The other part to this owl's story is while I was in the free ravelry.com patterns, I came across a very cute idea of cylindrical Easter bunnies. They are long and skinny. I instantly thought of transferring the idea to an owl.

Oboster's love of animals transcends most love for humans. He especially loves baby animals. He melts when his birth mom gets him a new pet and when he watches the chickadees from his older brother's window.

We aren't big into Holidays but we love celebrating the changing of seasons. At Equinoxes and Soltices we celebrate big and our community is a part of that celebration.

So here he is, Mr. Raggedy Patchwork Face Owl. (Name yet determined)
Welcome to the community!

Happy Spring Everyone!


Ani said...

Sweet. What is that delighfully soft white fabric that he is made out of? I want to rub against it!

NicoSwan said...

It's an angora & wool blend. It's kind of itchy as is but I'm hoping to give him a lovely bath and soften him a bit. I hope it works!
I cut off the arm of an old dance sweater, cut that in half, embroidered, and stuffed.
It was quite fun once I figured out the pattern I wanted.