Monday, March 14, 2011

"My Kombucha Wears a Sweater"

by Nicolette Swan.
inspired by my oldest son who calls himself Treetrunk.

My Kombucha wears a sweater because of this nasty weather.
My Mama put the "Mother" on the living room shelf, inside a box, all wrapped up in Dad's old green sweater.

She, the Mother, was all cozy and warm and growing but then the ants came. Dad found them marching around the box. A couple even tried to get in but Dad said "No!" and Mom said, "No way!"
Things looked rather grimm for the Mother. So Dad and Mom took care of her and now she lives in the kitchen cupboard. We had to move all the pie pans out so we could move her in.

I sure do hope my kombucha will grow in that dark cold cupboard.
At least my kombucha wears a sweater.

**In the spirit of Wool and Community, my oldest son and I came up with this story. It was shortly after a Woolly Mamas Eugene Coven Meeting that we found the ants "marching around the box."
I thought it was cute and wanted to share our creation. I'll post more crafting creations soon.
Here comes Spring Break, craft it up!!!

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Ani said...

Oh my gosh Nico,that is awesome! Darn those sugar ants. They are the bane of my existence! They are as bad as roaches in New Mexico. I love this post!