Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Inspirations, Spring Time Dedications!

Hello Woollies! My name is Nico (Batta-Bicco Coco) Swan. Really my fam and friends call me either Nikki or Nico. And a select group calls me by my birth name Nicolette.
(Inner dialogue: Moving on!)

I've tried writing for The Woolly Mamas blog several times now but I just seem to be caught up in my daily to-dos. Which is funny because what seems to be the driving force for The Woolly Mamas coven: busy Mamas for busy Mamas who're pro wool!

Besides my three (oh, wait) now f0ur volunteer jobs I have around town and my loving blended family I also enjoy knitting things for those I love.

Here are some of my creations that I conjured up this grey looming winter here in Eugene, OR.

I made these armlets for my youngest (we call him Oboster) that have a nifty thumb whole and cover the palm of the hand. They are made from a mercerized cotton in orange and a cotton blend in "rainbow" (his favourite colour).

These bonnet-esk beauties were made for my two favourite cowgrrrls:
Calamity Daisy and Calamity May!
They are made from rescued yarn that I purchased at MECCA ( They are a cotton blend.

And my piece de resistance was this bright and whimsical hat made for my sweet Cassandra and her new babe Mr. Miles. I combined and frankensteined two patterns from (me: The truck button is hand painted that I scored from my friend's vintage shop: Oak Street Vintage, EUG.
I love that place! I would live there if Cora would let me.

That's it for now! It's Sunday and my partner and I will be taking a walk to Goodwill soon to go treasure hunting.
Love, Life, and Lanolin!

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Ani said...

I have never been to Oak street vintage. Lets go together soon. If you love it, I know I will. The armlets are so awesome. I want to know how to make these. Will you teach me at our next meeting? I really want to get better at knitting- just not satisfied with only crochet. So glad you are posting now. Your writing is fun to read, and endears me to you! You are so cool and awesome and darling, you know that you will never be able to get rid of me as an adoring friend, now!
Just looked down at the word verification where they make sure you are a human commenter. What the heck kind of word is "spaeaked"? Gonna have to look that one up, if it even exists.