Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunshine and Magnetism

When I was a baby my father called me the “sunshine on his shoulder”. He taught me diligence, determination, and a priority of providing for my family. He encouraged me to shine my light around the world. It is in his honor that I continue his legacy, pursuing my degree to teach children with learning challenges, work with families and helping them flourish. This wool and silk, Nuno felt art piece is an expression of my purpose to share and spread light through my life’s work.

The piece was inspired by this photo of a sunspot in space. It is a place on the sun where magnetism causes hot gasses to stay out of one particular area, but bubble around it. I think it is beautiful and it reminds me of a sunflower. The concept of being able to draw heat or repel heat through magnetism is a powerful concept for me. I can do this for myself, attracting what I desire to have in my life, and repelling who or what I want nothing to do with.

Dad, if you see this blog post, look what you are going to get in the mail for your birthday in May- sneak preview. Elliot and Tenar helped me a ton, because I made this with a broken elbow, and my arm in a cast. I started planning this project when you were in the hospital sick. I want you to know how much you mean to me and influence me in life. I need you to see me succeed. I guess I'll save the rest for the card that I mail with the gift on your birthday.

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