Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crafting With Nature

As Spring marches in, I've been trying to bring a little of its magic indoors, to remind myself that Winter is truly drawing to a close, and things will soon be green and busting out. Oregon Winters are just so long. Sigh...

I gathered some pussy willow twigs along a road this past weekend and started sprucing things up for the new season. I was pleased to find that the base for the giant wreath we made at our Waldorf school's Winter Light Faire was made of willows, so I bound some pussy willows to that with floral wire, and gave my front porch a whole new feel.

Then I went around the house creating little altars and nature spaces reflecting the changes outside. I've been doing this for a long time, and I feel like it really tunes us all into the wheel of the year. This little leaf dish from my wedding made a great spot for a favorite little birds nest, some fimo clay eggs I made with  my kids a couple years back, and teeny tiny pussy willow twigs.

I was inspired by a vase of forced buds at a friend's house recently, so I put a bunch of long willow branches in a vase of water to let them root and grow indoors for awhile. I set up more of my birds nests in honor of our feathered friends returning to the fields. Who knows, maybe I can plant some little willow trees later in the Spring.

My next big plans are to build a fairy house village in the garden around the house. I've got one house started, and I'm inspired to keep going with it. The pups ate our fairy village this last year, so I am starting anew in our recently fenced  dog-free front yard. I think the faeries will be pleased to live in peace from now on, not to mention the garden and blueberry bushes.

Happy Spring Crafting!


Ani said...

Lara, your way of bringing nature, craft, spirit and beauty into your home and land is awe inspiring. I would be in heaven to live in the space you create. I'm excited to see that it is pussy willow time. I LOVE pussy willows. I was just wondering what kind of bendy branch to use in a current project that I am working on for my sister. You just provided the answer. I think that outdoor alter with the driftwood and shells is gorgeous to behold. Thanks for sharing!

Ani said...

I called it an alter...fairy house, duh.

Lara Katherine Mountain Colley said...

Altar, fairy house...all the same thing :)

Thanks Ani!