Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Food, Children, Community and Health

Once again I am deeply grateful for the community of Mamas who surround me. And, as is typical, I'm grateful to them about the health of our children through food. I have reached a tough diet decision and I'll be needing all the support I can muster.

When my dear son was born I had an early intuition that he might have Celiac disease (the gluten allergy). It may be one of the reasons that he is named after the grandfather of mine who suffered the same condition. After worrying and fretting about it for some time, I have come to the decision that I need to drastically change my diet even while we await a formal diagnosis. Since he is still almost exclusively breastfed, it's up to me to keep him safe from the foods that hurt his sweet little tummy. I love that boy. I love that little boy more than I could have ever suspected. I am convinced that he is the sweetest being on the planet. (I love his sister too. She is also the sweetest being on the planet ... in a distinctly 3 year old way.)

So from now on, I am clearing my house, my life, my body of gluten, dairy and sugar. I've never tried to do this before and it's a big step that is leaving me a little panicky on the first day. (Maybe it's just the chocolate withdrawal.) But I have a deep certainty that I am doing the right thing and I have a patient and long-suffering dear husband who also loves his family.

So, dear Mamas, I hate to impose another set of dietary restrictions on our little circle, but ....

Luckily, I know that K makes the most delicious nut milk and coconut ice cream sweetened with agave. Ani can make any ingredient or set thereof into something impossibly delicious and gourmet *and* she did a lot of this diet's style baking for our dear little 5 year old friend with the same restrictions. And W knows so many fantastic recipes for vegan raw goodies that I know I won't be feeling deprived. I am planning to ask you all for recipes! Luckily it is the beginning of summer and W has me convinced that I can live on just fresh fruit and be perfectly fit. =-)

I'm also blessed in my dear friend C, who is our 5 year old's mama, though not a Woolly Mama. She's doing the same thing. I'm thinking that she would be a great candidate for joining our circle. I'd like to open it up for approval next Sunday.

I love you all and I am so grateful that through our community of Mamas I now feel that I have the strength and support to do this, when just 1 year ago it was too scary for me to even contemplate. I'll be keeping you all posted on what the doctors have to say about it.

Much love, Ivy

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Ivy said...

Yes, I'm commenting on my own entry.

Well folks, it ain't Celiac and no diet's gonna help us. We have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Rain's sick, I'm a carrier). So I've started a new blog of my own if you want to know all about it.