Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Together again

It has been a good several weeks since someone was not missing from our circle. Many illnesses and other last minute conflicts have kept one or more of us away lately. That is why we were all so thrilled when all four of us core mamas showed up on Sunday to share the evening. We ate delicious food, as always. A salad chalk full of flavor- it had rice, sprouts, cilantro, ginger, tahini, red onion, and I don't know what else, but it was super yummy. Also, the best shepherd's pie I've ever had, and it was dairy-free (go figure). I now realize that olive oil and sea salt taste even better than butter in most cases. I made gnocchi with a lemon-cashew sauce and thyme vinaigrette off of a recipe that I got from the vegan yum yum website, and for dessert, we had banana slices with coconut milk and fresh mint. It was nice out, so the kids were in and out playing, and I have to say that we didn't do a whole lot of crocheting with the great food and busy kids. While that is the purpose of the meetings, it kind of isn't the main draw. We like to eat together. I think this is truly the tie that binds. Anyway, it keeps us all motivated and working on yarn between meetings. We are so official now. Not only do we have a blog, but we have a printed schedule of meetings on a house to house rotation, with the potluck aspect on a 'who's turn to bring what course of the meal' rotation. When you are this organized, I think one might fairly call the group an "organization". Yes?

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