Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thanks to Ani, Something New

I am so excited to be posting my very first blog. As my little sister, a veteran blogger of the Gen Y crowd would say, "I thought you were a luddite." Well, no more, though I am using this high tech forum to write about how I can make my kids homemade hats.... Thanks to Ani for turning us on to this wacky modern invention/compulsion to make our diaries available to the whole public world. (Actually I'm having fun.)

As far as the Woolly Mamas being an organization (or maybe it's a movement)-- I think we're just about as organized as you can be when more than half your group is under the age of 4. Heck, we're organized enough to actually meet most of the time. It's more than I ever saw growing up. I'm almost as thrilled for giving my kids a regular play group time as I am for giving my dear husband a whole evening of alone time *and* Myself a whole night of deep connection to some beloved friends and colleagues (I can say that as a full time professional mom). Ah, this is the life!


Anonymous said...

I never said you were a Luddite! I am, however, not surprised that you finally discovered The Internet so you could blog about wool. : )

I know you don't have time to read my blitherings (and you probably wouldn't want to anyway), but I will check back here often to keep up to date with your efforts to free the house elves, I mean farmers'-market-goers, with your wooly knots, I mean hats. (I'm kidding, you make really beautiful hats!!)

I was thinking about you this morning, actually, in writing my new book. Two characters just got married in the middle of winter in a howling snowstorm. Of course, they had sense enough to have their ceremony inside... ; )

Love, Ivy's Little Sister

Ivy said...

The snow was so minimal on our wedding day and it was your choice to wear short sleeves! We had plenty of really sound astrological reasons to get married when we did ... and who ever heard of a pagan wedding indoors?

Not only have I read your books, poetry and blog, I've enjoyed parts of each one.

Ivy's little sister's big sister (Ivy)