Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Famous (well only a little, but it's a start.)

Now we are really going places! What started as a seed of an idea to find some other attachment parents who wanted to socialize, craft and earn dollars about a year ago, became a crochet circle.
That turned into a deep circle of friendship- some of the most beautiful and supportive friendships that one could dream of in a lifetime. Then we went into business- the Fort Collins farmer's market. Now, we have been invited to speak about our mission and sell our wares in a nearby city, Estes Park. There is a new natural food co-op opening there, and they are celebrating their grand opening tomorrow, with a theme of promoting a new, local economy. We fit in perfectly. They were in the newspaper with mention of us, a few days ago. I am rushing to finish our sign, stating our new mission:

The Woolly Mamas

Who we are:
A circle of creative, progressive mothers who love wool, fiber-art and crafts, our children, each other, and Mother Earth!

What we do:
Gather each week to craft together, share a nutritious pot-luck meal, nurture deep friendships, support one another as mothers, and inspire each other artistically.

Our mission:
Promote environmentally sustainable and community-building income earning opportunities for local mamas in ways that strengthen and nurture, rather than disrupt or negate the vitally important parent-child bond. By providing a physical and mental space where women can come together in defiance of urban and suburban isolation to raise children with the support of a community of women, while creating high quality, hand-crafted goods from organic and natural materials, we hope to:
  • Foster within our culture a value for the life-path of mothering.
  • Ensure that our children's needs are not sacrificed in the challenges of a changing economy.
  • Revive cottage industry and allow mothers to supplement or sustain their families income.
  • Promote the buying and selling of local, hand-made products.
  • Form uniquely bonded communities who pool skills, experience and advice in natural crafting and mothering, who impart to our children the importance of remaining bonded to one another and the Earth.

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Ivy said...

You are so awesome, Ani. Very well written.