Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make Stuff!

Busily working away on making stuff. Not bad for a person who used to be oh so un-crafty.

For the tree...
The pomanders (oranges with cloves) will be wonderful when they're all dried up and have lovely ribbons around them, ready for hanging up. And they smell nice too. The popcorn strings have been fun for the whole family to (munch munch) work on.

I'm very proud of this knitted pidge scarf. Only took me two years ....

And Scott says he's had compliments on the hat all over town. "Mostly from moms who knit or crochet..."


Kristianne said...

It is an incredible hat. And the scarf is absolutely lovely--definitely worth the two year wait!



We'll be doing the popcorn and cranberry combo this year. So far we've made about a dozen paper snowflakes, using various methods found online and in craft books at library. If you have not done that yet with the kids i highly recommend it. Endless fun, oo's and ah's. Beautiful geometry.

Love you, Ivy.

Ani said...

I love the hat. The scarf is awesome, too. Wow, you have really come a long way with your yarn work. I'm super-impressed. I tried to make the pomanders once, and they molded. I must have done something wrong. Your's look lovely. I'll have to do popcorn with Reya. Forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder! I'm so glad you're posting on here! I love being a Woolly Mama. I feel less lonely tonight, already. You feel so much less far away, when you share on our very own blog!