Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the love of chocolate!

Hey ya all.  First off, I want to tell you to take a look at the new blog description at the top, since I just changed it for us all, with our new, distant situation.  It was a bit outdated.  I must admit I haven't been crafting a single bit in a few weeks, due to chaos of moving, and mountains of boxes, but I do have some exciting, vegan, health food news to share.  This might be common knowledge, but when I looked on the "dairy" shelf in my new, fabulous and humongous health food store, here in granola town, Eugene, Oregon, I saw something most wonderful.  A new flavor of mochi that I did not know about: Chocolate Brownie w/ Walnuts.  I haven't actually baked and tried it yet, but it is sitting over there on my awesome new, flat top range, waiting for me to chop and pop into the oven this evening, for my nightly, after-the-kids-are-asleep sweet treat.


Ani said...

just an update--This flavor of mochi is REALLY good!

Jenn said...

It sounds so interesting--I think I like mochi (not much experience w/ it yet), and of course you know how I feel about brownies. What does it taste like? Like actual brownies? Somewhat like rice? I'm so glad to hear you found a new yummy & healthy treat!

Ani said...

tastes like brownies, but kinda like rice, and chewier, a little less sweet, but perfectly sweet enough. I don't know, you just gotta try it.