Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunny Side Up

For Reya's third birthday, I created a couple of crocheted, cotton eggs stuffed with wool. Eggs are a source of big fascination these days, due to our recent family addition of a flock of three hens who reliably lay us a pretty, green egg each day.
What I learned about making them look like eggs:
1)The white must be white, not creamy white, like natural lambswool.
2)The yolk should not stand too tall, or it gets out of proportion.
3)The white needs to be wavy, not perfectly round.
4)Use smallish yarn- not bulky, and a small hook.
5)Third time is the charm.


Ivy said...

Those are fantastic eggs! Happy birthday, dear Reya. We miss your feisty, growing, three year old self around here and think of you and your family often.

Wind said...

I heartily approve of these vegan eggs!